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The English department at Downlands Community School in Hassocks has been applying the new QCA Assessing Pupils' Progress for three years.

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See it in action in a Year 9 English lesson, focusing on a specific Assessment Focus to target students' learning needs around writing.

Head of English, Paul Barber, who introduced APP to his school, also discusses the challenges and successes they have had using this approach.

For Paul, APP helps his planning and teaching. He can spot students' weakness, plan specific lessons to tackle these and see progression over time.

For the students, APP is a very personalised approach, putting them in the driving seat of their own learning and enabling them to understand how to improve their writing.


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    • Miss.Joanne Miss.Joanne


      6 December 2009 - 03:34

      I really enjoyed watching this video. My school is in a transtion phase and is in the process of implementing APP. Having been trained on it recently on my PGCE I am very enthusiastic about its potential to really make a difference in teaching and learning across all subjects . This video is something I intend to share with my department so that they can also embrace the enthusiasm that is evident at Downlands. Thank you for sharing your lessons and approach! It is much appreciated.