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An English department embraces the new Key Stage 3 curriculum, using creativity to engage pupils and develop their writing, speaking and listening skills.

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At Manor College of Technology in Hartlepool, Amy Coates uses a courtroom role-play to help Year 7 pupils develop their ability in writing to argue within a critical reading unit.

Jill Bullock encourages creativity in Year 8 by using props and group collaboration to help pupils develop a murder plot as the basis for a piece of imaginative writing.

Ashleigh Clark helps a Year 9 class improve their persuasive language, with the students trying to convince their peers that their own made-up words should be included in the dictionary.


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    • Exciting!
      15 February 2010 - 02:19

      It is so refreshing to see classrooms where students are engaged and excited to learn. How wonderful that these teachers have been given tools and encouragement to try new things and reach each students. It is also wonderful to see the enthusiasm in a school that is considered in a low income community.
      I thought all of the lessons were great examples of higher order thinking and 21st century skills. Even though they were not using technology that doesn't mean these students were not learning how to be engaged adults. Each lesson also provided awesome career choices. Hopefully the kids were able to pick up on that. Critical thinking and persuasive speaking are skills that too many people lack in the working world. Students in each room were also engaging in collaboration, and in the States we talk about how to engage students in collaboration through social networking sites online, but it is just as important for students to learn how to talk with other and listen to different opinions.
      As a supervisor these would be great classrooms to observe. There was a lot of learning going on and student felt confident to be a part of it.
      I really liked what the school leader said at the end: to be successful a school has to look good in every way.

    • Encouraging
      9 February 2010 - 21:22

      As a future instructional leader, I was encouraged after viewing this video. I saw elements taking place within the writing classroom that the state of Iowa is looking at being implemented through the Iowa Core Curriculum. It is so imperative for the students to become involved in their learning. I witnessed guided learning and coopertive learning groups. In which both of the learning instructions used a creative approach to learning and engaged the students. I heard four key terms that relate to the ICC. Listening, speaking, viewing, and higher order thinking. All of these elements are criticial in creativing a student centered learning environment that offers multiple learning styles taking place to get at that deeper understanding for students. I felt this video was very beneficial for me to watch. Thanks for sharing!

    • classroom creativity
      31 March 2009 - 09:11

      Without democratic clasroom environment there shouldn't be any successful creation relating to emplement some language tasks as creating situations that enable stuents to use classroom language is so essential for both the student and the teacher . Proficional Language teachers can vary acting and role play tasks as to make these tasks more interestiong , this garantee safe involvement from the part of the classroom students. It is essential to manage the tasks so well and find some roles for the watchers who are not doing the role but distributing extra activities that are based upn the activity or the task will guide students to pretend that they themselved doing the role , in the other hand they prepare themselves mentaly to particiate in the extra or followed activities.
      D. Hani Akkad
      TEFL supervisor