KS3/4 Design and Technology - Establishing CAD/CAM

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This programme looks at how teachers can help remove barriers to the effective teaching of CAD/CAM, a subject of growing importance to students and industry.

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Interest in CAD/CAM is being boosted as the British textile industry stages a revival, fuelled by increasing demand for digitally printed fabrics. But, as the QCA has identified, CAD/CAM teaching is weak in some schools.

Ann Crawshaw, head of the D&T department at Feversham College in Bradford, is a leading light in the area. She passes on valuable tips on engaging pupils with imaginative lessons, accessing funding and, crucially, getting members of the senior management team to invest in equipment and software to make effective teaching of the subject possible.

Also in this programme, one of Britain's leading digital printing companies shares its view on the value of CAD/CAM at GCSE, and how some of Ann's techniques and teaching would be of direct relevance to the industry and valuable for employers.


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