KS3/4 English - Laura's Writing Journey

  Screen capture from KS3/4 English - Laura's Writing Journey


Follow a piece of extended writing as it develops, taking in the various stages of teacher input, pupil planning, drafting, writing and, finally, peer review.

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Year 9 pupil Laura-Jay lets us into her head, her work and her homework as she writes a scary story, shares her inspirations and narrates her creative process.

[Note: the text of Laura's story is given in early drafts. Laura later proof read and corrected her text with her teacher's help]


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    • excellent resource
      22 August 2008 - 12:53

      A fantastic film which emphasises the importance of the process of writing.I am particularly impressed with the teacher's success in encouraging the students to reflect on and improve their work and their evident enthusiasm for doing this.Great to see a student openly expressing their love of writing and a teacher specifically allocating time for reflection and crafting during the lesson.This could be a very positive 'model' for students to watch.Well done Laura and well done Siobhan Moyes - love the 'haunted house'image on the power point!!!!