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KS3/4 Maths - Using Dynamic Geometry

  Screen capture from KS3/4 Maths - Using Dynamic Geometry


Classroom sessions showing how dynamic geometry software can help pupils better engage with learning mathematical concepts.

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Dynamic geometry software can transform the teaching of mathematical concepts by engaging pupils in interactive demonstrations, constructions and explorations.

It can also stimulate mathematical discussions and encourage mathematical thinking among pupils.

In the first session, a Year 8 class explores how and why regular hexagons tessellate. They learn how to use the dynamic geometry software to create the hexagon, and then explore how to rotate their completed shape to create a tessellated pattern.

Using the software is more convenient and accurate than using pencil and paper, so the pupils can spend more time discussing why it is that these shapes tessellate, and go on to investigate why some other shapes don't.

The second session shows a Year 9 class using a grid of seven interlinked circles to explore and define the essential properties of 2D shapes. Again, the pupils create and manipulate the shapes and grapple with the mathematical proofs involved.


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