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KS3 Physics - Sound

Part of the series Secondary Lesson Starters

  Screen capture from KS3 Physics - Sound


Show Key Stage 3/4 physics students the different effects of sound, as demonstrated in this classroom resource for secondary science, designed to be used on an interactive whiteboard.

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Using high-speed camera technology, Trevor Cox professor of acoustics at the University of Salford, conducts experiments in sound. He firstly shows what happens when rubbing the rim of a glass of water is slowed down to 80 times less than normal speed.

Trevor then demonstrates the sound effects of a tuning fork, a triangle, a cymbal and a guitar, as well as the impact of sound on a soap bubble, burning candles and a wine glass.

Using an oscilloscope Trevor then shows the difference in frequencies produced by different octaves played on a saxophone.

The 'confusaphone' shows what happens when one's left and right hearing is mixed up, and Trevor examines the effect of a sonic boom, created by a cracking whip.

He finally assesses the effect of echo and the varying sounds we can create with our own bodies.


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