KS3 Reading - Seven Great Ideas

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Werneth School, in Stockport, demonstrates a range of initiatives designed to engage pupils with their reading.

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One of the initiatives is "Drop Everything And Read", whereby all pupils and staff stop what they are doing and read for 20 minutes to demonstrate how much the activity is valued throughout the school.

Year 7 English lessons are relocated to the library once a week, and pupils are allowed to spend the time reading for pleasure - be it from a book, magazine or comic - under the supervision of librarian Nikki Heath and a team of pupil librarians.

As part of the annual literacy challenge, pupils of different year groups work together on reading tasks linked to the Tour De France. This helps to engage reluctant boys and target pupils of all abilities.

Finally, teachers and support staff are brought together with pupils to act as positive role models, to recommend books and share reading experiences.


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    • reading
      11 June 2009 - 18:51

      That was a smashing film. I am the headmaster of Greenside school in Erdington in Birmingham. I have been trying to get my pupils to start reading and when I give them a book to read they go and watch the film. We have had lot of book weeks but the children are just simply not interested. After watching this film are school has started reading we even have got book clubs which I'm very pleased about so thank you for showing that if one school can do it so can others.

      With happy returns
      Sean Smith-Inniss
      Headmaster of
      Greenside School