Happy Bday Tilly

Part of the series L8r

  Screen capture from Happy Bday Tilly


Friendships are put to the test when Tilly celebrates her 16th birthday with her mates and new boyfriend Ahmed at the local club.

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The group of L8r friends are set to have a good time and Danny, who had a 'thing' with Tilly insists he is not bothered by the new man on the scene. But it all turns sour when he sees Ahmed dealing drugs and then is then accused of possessing drugs himself.

The only person who can save the day is Tilly but will she stand up for Danny or stand by Ahmed?

Following the drama, Our two student groups from Hackney and Glastonbury discuss the predicaments faced by the L8r crew.

L8r is a BAFTA nominated, RTS award-winning interactive drama series, produced by Hi8us South for use in PSHE, sex and relationships, education, and English and drama. Participants aged 12-16 take part in the drama on the project's website by voting on dilemmas which affect how the story proceeds, and interacting with the characters.

This Teachers TV series contains the eight drama episodes produced so far, together with a look at young people and their teachers in two different schools using the project.


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