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League tables have been a fact of school life for over 15 years. Why they were introduced in the first place and what their impact has been is addressed in this whole-school video for primary and secondary headteachers.

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Looking back at the history of this contentious system is Charlotte Hume, who interviews Gillian Shephard, the secretary of state for education in John Major's last cabinet, which introduced primary school league tables.

Charlotte also talks with Estelle Morris, who occupied the same post in 2001/2 under Tony Blair, and Keith Hargrave, the former head of Ramsgate School, once dubbed England's worst when it came bottom of the league tables.

Now replaced by the shining new £27m Marlowe Academy, has the trauma for Ramsgate been worth it, and how has the new contextual value added data impacted on its position in the league tables today?


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