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Matching and Caring

Part of the series Peer Mentoring

  Screen capture from Matching and Caring


Learn more about the Peer Mentoring Project, a scheme designed to protect vulnerable pupils, as we follow three pairs of matched students at a school in Manchester.

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The project, launched in January 2007 at North Manchester High School for Girls, was developed to provide a selection of Year 7s - those identified as being susceptible to bullying or having the potential to become bullies - with someone to confide in.

We visit the school early in the academic year to find out how the matched pair model works and what potential benefits and limitations it has. We also speak to Rukhsana Ahmed, who is running the project, about the challenges of setting up such a scheme.

Find out what the three matched pairs have made of the project so far, and see how it has impacted the development of their relationships within the school.


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