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Mentoring and CPD

Part of the series CareerWise

  Screen capture from Mentoring and CPD


In this episode of Careerwise, we take a look at the mentoring and coaching of teachers by teachers. Is it a useful initiative or just training on the cheap?

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Peter Curran is joined by Barrie Joy, head of mentoring-coaching at the Institute of Education, and John Bangs, head of CPD at the NUT, to discuss its uses and abuses.

Mentoring of initial teacher trainees has become an increasingly crucial job with the advent of the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP).

We go to Yorkshire to see how schools there have created a support network for mentors, enabling them to share best practice and gain professional recognition for their work.

In addition, Fiona Flynn visits Sweyne Park School in Essex, which has a thriving culture of co-coaching, to find out how teachers can benefit from introducing new ideas into their teaching.

Read a review of this video on the Teacher Training Resource Bank site.


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