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Mixed Ability in Year 2

Part of the series Early Reading

  Screen capture from Mixed Ability in Year 2


Phonics teaching has improved Year 2 pupils' literacy levels, through a variety of fun activities.

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Teacher Christina Huszar is shown teaching a Year 2 class phonics at Hill Mead Primary in Brixton. She uses the school's own scheme, with an emphasis on how phonics knowledge is applied creatively to support reading, with understanding as well as writing.

Christina explains how the activities allow for differentiation and describes the advantages of working in mixed ability groups.

Deputy headteacher Becky Lawrence suggests that many children don't make sense of what they are reading, despite being good decoders. She explains that the approach at Hill Mead integrates phonics teaching with work on comprehension that develops a love of books.

Christina was recently judged as outstanding by the School Improvement Partner for her delivery of literacy.


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