Mobile Phones, Mobile Minds

Part of the series School Matters

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See the impact on schools and education of young people with mobile phones, in this whole-school video on the pupil voice, ICT learning and media literacy in primary and secondary.

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Owning a mobile is becoming an indispensable element of young people's lives, for both teenagers and increasingly primary-age children all around the world.

This video looks at whether mobile phones are a force for good or an example of technology gone awry. It questions whether it's sensible to ban their use in schools or give the device a place in lessons and learning.


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    • johnwarwick johnwarwick


      Not a good programme !
      11 November 2007 - 06:43

      Having had a secondment last year to investigate the potential of handheld learning devices and their impact on teaching and learning I think the programme was a poor and unbalanced representation of the wide range of educational uses of these devices. Why just show their use as camera's and recording devices? Yes they can be used for that but thats very limited. They are mini computers capable
      of running a whole range of microsoft and other subject applications, with access to the internet + +. A computer in the pocket ! Any time, any place potential for 24/7 learning.
      Come on Teachers TV, schools and their Leaders need more inspiration and leadership from you than this.