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ICT teacher Ophelia Vanderpuye pays a visit to a Finnish Primary School to discover how academic research has helped one teacher improve the way she teaches.

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Ophelia is based in London and spends three days a week helping other schools incorporate IT in their classrooms. She is visiting primary teacher Marianne Bollstrom-Huttunen to discover different teaching techniques.

Marianne invites Ophelia along on a nature walk with her class of nine year olds. Ophelia observes that Marianne is not running a regular ICT class, but rather an integrated lesson of two or more subjects, which is something she has been working towards in London.

At the end of the day Ophelia follows Marianne to a conference where the spread of an IT network to other schools in Helsinki is discussed. Ophelia and Marianne discuss how she has incorporated academic research, gained from the University of Helsinki, into her class and the benefit it has had.


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