New Admissions Code

Part of the series Just for Governors

This video was filmed before the May 2010 general election, and may not reflect the policies of the current government.
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Governor and journalist Fiona Millar investigates how a new admissions code is affecting school governors.

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The code was introduced in February 2007 and was designed to make policies fairer and more transparent. Practices like interviewing and taking up references, which could allow covert selection to take place, are now forbidden.

Fiona visits Lady Margaret School, a voluntary aided church school for girls in Fulham, London, to discover the radical changes that governors have had to make to their admission policy in order to comply with the new code.

She follows the process the governors went through by talking to the chair of governors, a representative of the local authority and to a schools adjudicator who rules on objections to admissions policies.


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    • New Admissions Code
      5 February 2008 - 21:53

      The case study chosen did well illustrate the process and implications of making a radical change to Secondary Admissions. While the choice of random allocation is not likely to be a common one I found the programme did highlight the kind of objections raised and how they were handled. I welcomed this as bringing to life the implications in the new code.

      In this case as a Governor I did find it surprising the Governors were not really sure what this change would do for the school other than take away the headache of administrating their existing policy.