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A visit to Backwell School in Bristol, where staff are supported in their professional development via a range of courses, offered to them in a regular in-house newsletter.

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Head of CPD at the school, Isobel Clark, explains how the initiative works whilst we hear from teachers who have taken courses - including drama teacher Pam Gregory who has benefited from a course in coaching skills.

We also meet staff in the science department who have been encouraged to source their own development and are investigating potential resources and locations for use in lessons or field trips.

Zoe Bell attends an open evening at a hands-on science museum, where she gets to try out exciting new resources available for use in schools. Head of science Brian Kemplay visits Bristol University's Botanical Garden to see if a field trip here would aid his Year 12 biologists.

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    • cpd
      25 October 2007 - 09:01

      I was hoping for some ideas on the new target setting in terms of every child matters and performance related pay. New initiatives unravelled. instead we get to see how our manager should be approaching cpd, but not much help towards performance management reviews. I'd like to know more about "stride".
      It is a little directionless as a video and seems to suggest thst if you go and visit museums it'll be your professional development.