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Primary Environment

Part of the series Great Primary Lesson Ideas

  Screen capture from Primary Environment


Teacher and local education authority adviser Mary Muggridge presents four day-trip ideas that help to make science and maths fun for Key Stage 2 pupils.

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Fantastic locations can spark the imaginations of primary pupils and show them that learning can be fun. For example, the Eden Project gives pupils the chance to find out about the geography and science of tropics and the desert.

Another idea is The Blue John Cavern, an adventurous underground trip where KS2 pupils can see stalagmites, underground river routes and learn about mining. Mary's third lesson idea is an outing to Spitalfields City Farm, where pupils can get up close with animals and farming.

Finally, a whole-class trip to The National Arboretum provides a stunning background for discovering the maths behind trees, and Mary plans out a numeracy trail.


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