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Primary Health and Safety - How Safe is Your Classroom?

  Screen capture from Primary Health and Safety - How Safe is Your Classroom?


A primary school teacher takes a video journey around his classroom and through his school with health and safety expert Jo Crickson.

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They look at how to identify and prevent potential safety hazards. Advice is given on first aid, fire extinguishers and handling equipment.

They hear case histories of teachers who have had accidents at school and how with hindsight, they could been prevented.


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    • Oversight on this video
      17 June 2009 - 20:50

      I am re-training from an IT background to work as a TA.
      I have covered risk assessment in a manufacturing environment and was keen to see the implementation of safety in schools.
      The school in this video was DESIGNED with WIDE coridoors so that in the event of an evacuation all the staff and pupils could exit quickly and safely - BUT there were shelves attached to walls, desks, chairs and all sorts of other obstacles that people in a rush could bump into, hurt themselves and potentially prevent a safe exit. In the same way that fire doors and other doors that lead on to coridoors should not be proped open, coridoors must be kept clear. In an ideal world fire extinguishers should also be put in a recess in the wall, not mounted in the corridoor.