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Primary History - Enquiry Skills

Part of the series Great Primary Lesson Ideas

  Screen capture from Primary History - Enquiry Skills


Learn the best ways to help Key Stage 2 pupils develop their enquiry skills with three great history lesson-planning ideas.

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Teacher Nicola Levison works with a Year 5 class at Hotwells Primary School in Bristol on the theme of How has Life changed in Britain since 1948. The aim is to develop KS2 children's enquiry skills while teaching them about population, immigration, home life, post-war Britain and the NHS.

In the first lesson Nicola leads her pupils through historical sources of evidence to find out about post-war Britain, and they learn how to judge their reliability and value.

The second lesson is based on immigration; Nicola asks the children to imagine being Caribbean passengers on board the SS Windrush in 1948. Through role play the pupils demonstrate how they would feel about leaving their homes and families to start a new life in a different country and culture.

In the final lesson, the pupils work in groups to create a board game using criteria that Nicola has set to help them explore home life in post-war Britain.


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