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Primary Science: Forces - Pushes, Pulls and Friction

Part of the series Primary Lesson Starters

  Screen capture from Primary Science: Forces - Pushes, Pulls and Friction


Five science lesson starters for Key Stages 1 and 2 provide creative introductions to physical forces - pushes, pulls and friction - with questions posed at the end of each section to develop thinking and exploration.

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The first KS1/2 lesson starter shows the pushing and pulling forces exerted on a canoeing trip.

The second shows dramatic archive footage of a demolition ball, with a professor trying to dodge what looks like a similarly-heavy ball - only to discover it is in fact a 2D circle.

The third section shows the forces involved while making pizza dough in a professional kitchen.

Primary lesson starter four is a comic tug-of-war contest between a well-built man wearing slippery socks and two smaller men both wearing trainers with grips. Who will win the cream cakes?

In the final lesson starter, a professor conducts an experiment making parachutes for eggs. What is the best way for an egg to parachute from a very high ladder without getting broken?


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