Primary Support Staff - Taking on New Roles

  Screen capture from Primary Support Staff - Taking on New Roles


Kentish Town Primary School believes people work best to their strengths and interests and has encouraged support staff to take on new roles. This programme shows some examples of this.

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  • Jane Gibson suffered from TA burn-out, but the head encouraged her to change to working in the office where she is much happier - and learning new skills
  • Jack Rice's work as a TA has shifted to make use of his computer skills. He now keeps the school's computers in shape and supports teachers across the school with ICT
  • Many of the other TAs run clubs, activities and school resources to match their personal interests and skills
  • Sharon McDonnah's aptitude with children has meant she has taken on more of the school's behaviour coordination, working closely with the deputy head to monitor behaviour in the school

All in all, the support staff are more valued and more effective due to the head's policy of talking, listening and encouraging staff to try new roles.


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