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Raising Funds Locally

Part of the series Secondary Management

  Screen capture from Raising Funds Locally


Outspoken fundraising consultant David Poppitt is convinced every school should have a well thought-out and strategic fundraising strategy.

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When Poppitt saw a recent BBC documentary about Brownhills School in Stoke-on-Trent, he was appalled that the school's campaign to attract the essential £50,000 for a specialist status bid had raised less than £1,000.

Teachers TV invited Poppitt to visit the school and review its strategy. He meets various members of staff, some more enthusiastic about the task of fundraising than others. He also discovers considerable untapped resources.

Key points:

  • Plenty of practical advice for schools on what works best
  • The role of a bursar and the dangers of having excessive expectations from him or her
  • Having the right attitude to raising cash and allocating sufficient resources to the job

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