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Primary English

Part of the series Resource Review (Primary)

  Screen capture from Primary English


In this Resource Review our experts recommend top resources for teaching primary English to save you valuable time.

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Freelance educational writer Gill Budgell has chosen three resources for primary English:

  • Collin's Big Cat, a reading scheme from HarperCollins including books and CD-ROMs
  • Reading Comprehension Cubes, a tactile resource from Learning Resources
  • Story Catcher, a free website which offers a forum for children's writing

In her south London classroom Louise Newman tries out books from the Collin's Big Cat series to teach her Key Stage 1 class about verbs and adjectives.

Across the country in Southport, Caroline Williams uses Reading Comprehension Cubes with her Key Stage 2 class.

Back in London, Gill discusses her choices with presenter Hermione Cockburn; Barbara Conridge from NATE and Adrienne Jones, a freelance education consultant.


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