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Learning Platforms

Part of the series Resource Review (Secondary)

  Screen capture from Learning Platforms


Roger Broadie, independent education ICT consultant, introduces six ICT resources to the studio panel.

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Roger considers the following primary and secondary resources:

  • Kowari - a learning platform designed for younger children
  • The Netmedia Learning Platform - a modular and remotely hosted platform
  • Moodle - an open source, course management system
  • SIMS.net - a management information system designed for schools
  • FrogTeacher - a self-contained learning platform
  • Microsoft SharePoint - a collaborative portal technology

ICT expert Matthew Tosh puts the resources through their paces in the studio test lab before seeing some of them in action in schools.

Roger joins presenter Hermione Cockburn in the studio, along with panellists Ian Usher, e-learning co-ordinator for Buckinghamshire County Council and Ray Barker, director of BESA.


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    • Learning Platforms
      7 March 2010 - 08:56

      Interesting programme - as a Primary school teacher I do not have time to do such research and really local authorities should be helping more and giving information to schools/teachers and consulting with them. There is a comment on this site that it is narrowing down choice but at the end of the day do we not all want to have a system that children can use easily and which will support their transition from primary to secondary? This should be the aim surely?

    • Carole Newton Carole Newton


      Learning Platforms
      18 November 2007 - 18:35

      Having just watched the programme, I was struck by a few observations:

      How and Why did you choose these six examples?

      I feel that this is important as your target audience are educationalist, dealing with, as stated several times during the programme, a technically leaden area. The examples may therefore make some of them feel that their research into Learning Platforms has been narrowed to three for Primary and three for Secondary.

      As additional guidance, I felt that very little emphasis was given to the collaborative and sharing culture that Learning Platforms need to develop. This is more seamlessly achieved when all parties are using the same platforms. This is a basic understanding that I feel all schools need to appreciate when choosing a platform. Some interoperability was alluded to, but many schools that are currently using a VLE need to be aware that their Forums and Communities are not interoperable.

      Schools require their stakeholders to be able to communicate anytime, anywhere which assists them in meeting the Governments target of all children having access to a personal space by 2008 and all children having Personalise Learning Pathways by 2010. It is the additional tools within the MLE that I feel will assist schools in embedding ICT into Learning and Teaching and thus allow for PLPs to become the norms like cloakrooms and chairs.