Revised Ofsted Inspection Framework

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This video was filmed before the May 2010 general election, and may not reflect the policies of the current government.
  Screen capture from Revised Ofsted Inspection Framework


A look at the new Ofsted Inspection Framework, which has a greater emphasis on standards for individual pupils and groups of learners.

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In a move away from lengthy self-evaluation forms, cloistered meetings and limited classroom observation; the new framework promises a greater engagement with the school community.

For teachers this means increased observations, while pupils, parents, and staff will all be expected to fill out questionnaires.

The idea is to focus on areas such as a school's achievements, safeguarding, equality and discrimination. Any problems highlighted in these Limiting Judgements could bring down the school's overall effectiveness rating.

Self-evaluation forms are shorter and more aligned to a key document, the inspectors' Evaluation Schedule, and Proportionate Inspection, means schools can escape inspection for up to five years, depending on their previous performance.


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