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School Dilemmas - Behaviour Breakdown - Knife Nightmare

Part of the series School Dilemmas

This programme contains a reconstruction involving a weapon and scenes of a sensitive nature and should be viewed in full before showing to students
  Screen capture from School Dilemmas - Behaviour Breakdown - Knife Nightmare


A professional development video, using a drama involving a student stealing a knife, to initiate questions and discussion.

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The drama tells the story of a Year 11 pupil, who snatches a knife from a food technology lesson and runs out of the classroom. The teacher instinctively chases after the girl.

Designed to be used as a spring board for discussion by staff, this video prompts questions about the scenario and the teacher's reaction.

Did the teacher take the right course of action? Did she place all the other students in her class in danger by leaving them unattended with knives? Is it a teacher's responsibility to restrain a pupil in this situation?

By asking the viewer directly whether she reacted correctly, the teacher offers the opportunity to comment on her decisions and reactions.


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