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A look at innovations in the design of school science labs, with particular focus on Project Faraday which has teamed schools with architects and designers to explore how science teaching spaces can be used differently.

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School science laboratories have changed little in the past 60 years. In this programme, we visit a number of schools and colleges that are involved in different stages of redesigning their labs. How are they changing the teaching space to help inspire learning?

Estover Community College in Plymouth is about to undergo major redevelopment and is looking to incorporate some of these design ideas into its new build.

At Hartcliffe College in Bristol, major building work has just begun on a new campus. Head of science Simon Thompson explains how he involved students in the design consultation process and reveals a few of the planned features of the new facilities.

We also visit Brunel Academy in Bristol, the flagship development of the national Building Schools for the Future project. Find out how the school's state-of-the-art science labs enhance teaching and learning.


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