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Scrapping The Timetable at Hook

Part of the series Innovation

  Screen capture from Scrapping The Timetable at Hook


Hook Primary in Yorkshire, has discarded timetables and bells in favour of a more self-directed and creative approach to the working day, and the results couldn't be better.

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This programme follows the children's activities throughout the school day and finds out from both experienced teachers and an NQT what it's like to work in a school like Hook.

The children go out to play when they have completed a task or need a break from their work - not arbitrarily when the bell goes. The classrooms have no doors, the children work quietly yet there is a buzz of activity.

And although the school has never followed the literacy or numeracy hours, their most recent Ofsted report was outstanding.


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    • I love this idea of a
      2 April 2008 - 09:38

      I love this idea of a carefully and thoughtfully planned free education. It seems to create a more relaxed environment in which education doesnt come across as merely teaching to tick boxes. It also proves that the system needn't stifle both teaching staff and pupils. Education is meant to allow individuals to fly not teether them. This method has taken the courage of the school staff and some 'out of the box' thinking. This is what we need in the education system. To me this system makes absoloute sense it has a more natural feeling to it. I cannot praise it enough.

    • Mayté Mayté


      Hook Primary Video
      30 March 2008 - 23:16

      I was thrilled at the mere fact that a school had managed to do without the "schedule thing".

      I am a firm believer in the giving the opportunity to actively participate in their own learning processes. Schedules may be all right, but the truth is there are too many youngsters hating the idea of schooling altogether!
      Homeschooling, although it may be an answer for some children and their families, lacks the "should-be-a happy-experience-sharing-with-others" bit...

      Watching the video I could tell that a lot more planning work is implied. But everybody seems happy, probably because each and all can give their best to the learning experience.

      I wish I coul join them and be taught how to make it work in Guatemala, were I currently live and teach.

      Congratulations on the daring, worthy programme!