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Secondary History and Art

Part of the series Great Secondary Lesson Ideas

  Screen capture from Secondary History and Art


Discover inspirational Key Stage 3/4 lesson ideas, with art and history day trips including visits to a Roman museum and a warship.

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Secondary school teacher and local education authority adviser Mary Muggridge presents three creative approaches to teaching outside of the classroom. Here she explains the benefits for pupils of a change of scene.

The Historic Quay at Hartlepool and the HMS Trincomalee offer KS3/KS4 pupils a taste of life on board a 19th-century warship, including the chance to experience cannon fire.

The Roman Legionary Museum shows the class what life was like in Roman Britain 2,000 years ago, while an art and design trip to Bolton Museum's aquarium gives pupils the opportunity to draw from real life, with help from expert artists.


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