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Secondary ICT - Engaging Girls

  Screen capture from Secondary ICT - Engaging Girls


Manor College of Technology, Hartlepool, demonstrates how it uses a range of techniques to encourage girls to engage with ICT, both as a subject and across other areas of the school.

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Head of ICT, Yvonne Hill, runs a computer club for girls. She gives them a purpose for learning that encourages more girls to take the subject at GCSE.

In Key Stage 3, project-based lessons on theme parks and cartoons tap into girls' interests and teach crucial ICT skills such as research and animation.

Meanwhile, at GCSE level a recycling topic using podcasting increases collaboration and engages the girls, without putting off the boys.

Finally in geography, the creative use of technology encourages girls to take a different outlook on the benefits of different forms of ICT across the curriculum.


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    • podcast
      9 October 2009 - 00:04

      hi all
      I like all the programmes posted on teachers TV. They are so amazing to the extent that they have changed the way I teach to the best.
      The problem I have in my teaching career is that I do not know how to integrate ICT into classroom.
      PLeasse do help me with your suggestions.