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Secondary MFL - Celebrating Diversity

  Screen capture from Secondary MFL - Celebrating Diversity


Bristol Metropolitan Academy highlights the changes it has made in its school ethos and curriculum to support EAL students.

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Over 50 per cent of the student population at the school are EAL students, and the school has introduced several methods to encourage and develop their learning.

Students can now take GCSEs in Arabic and Polish and the culturally-diverse staff help pupils gain accreditations in any other spoken dialect in order to boost confidence and raise self-esteem.

The support staff show how they play a vital role in helping students adjust to school life, including translating the class teacher's English instructions into Somali for students.


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    • MFL
      27 October 2010 - 15:11

      I am not 100% sure of the value of community languages at GCSE. I can understand languages such as Arabic and Chinese which have huge importance world wide but others seem to just be giving a GCSE away for free. My son is Mexican and we speak Spanish at home and there is no way I will allow him to study Spanish at school. He already speaks it, I would rather he learns French, German, Arabic or something new. Are things just getting too easy?