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Secondary Science Using ICT

Part of the series Hard To Teach

  Screen capture from Secondary Science Using ICT


Three teachers show how they are using ICT to help enhance the teaching of traditional science topics.

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At Camborne College in Cornwall, they use data logging to bring experiments alive for their pupils. Teacher Paul Preece demonstrates a classic combustion experiment to his Year 7 class, using data loggers to show in real time exactly what's happening inside the bell jar.

His Year 8 class use sensors connected to handheld PDAs to investigate sound levels, while his Year 9s investigate the motion of a trolley rolling down a ramp with the aid of light gates.

Chris Mason, head of science at Salendine Nook High School in Huddersfield, and his Year 11 class investigate "rates of reaction" with the help of the extensive curriculum resources that the science department has put up on the school's VLE.

Meanwhile, at Westborough High School in West Yorkshire, Pete Hoskins is working with a low ability Year 7 class. He uses animations and comic strip presentations to enable them to describe their investigations in a more visual way.


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