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Shape and Space

Part of the series Great Primary Lesson Ideas

  Screen capture from Shape and Space


For great maths ideas for lesson plans, take a look at these games on shape and space, for use with Key Stage 1/2 pupils.

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Years 2 and 3 explore the characteristics of different shapes using elastic, at Cuffley School, Hertfordshire. First they use elastic bands on their fingers. Then, using long pieces of elastic, they use their bodies to make large shapes in the classroom.

The learning objective for Year 3 pupils is to turn 2D shapes into 3D shapes. Using drinking straws and modelling dough they draw on their geometrical knowledge to construct 3D shapes from 2D diagrams. In the plenary, the children play a game where they listen to the properties of a shape being described, and then guess which shape it is.

At The Wroxham School, Hertfordshire, Year 1 children go on a Shape Hunt and are fascinated to discover many geometric shapes throughout their school.


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