Sharing Expectations

Part of the series Bayley on Behaviour - Establishing the Ground Rules

  Screen capture from Sharing Expectations


See how an award-winning primary teacher encourages good behaviour on the first day of term with his new Year 6 class, as behaviour expert John Bayley observes him putting classroom management into practice.

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Praise and rewards are Andy Bell's principal tools for managing the class and encouraging good behaviour, and John is impressed with his explicit instructions when establishing his expectations.

Andy introduces a series of signals for attention, teaches the children a precise set of sound levels illustrated by his football noise-o-meter, and outlines five rules for listening. The class is then eased into learning with fun activities which gently remind them of school routines.

By the end of the morning two children are awarded stars for good work and everyone is working together to build the class rules. Two weeks later John returns to see Andy's rewards, rules and routines seamlessly integrated into the morning's literacy lesson.


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