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Simon Brilliant Revisited

Part of the series From Good to Outstanding

  Screen capture from Simon Brilliant Revisited


Inspector Clare Gillies makes a return visit to secondary maths teacher Simon Brilliant, to see if he has maintained or improved his teaching standards since her last visit three years ago, in this pedagogy and CPD resource.

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In July 2007, new teacher Simon Brilliant was classed as good by Clare, having received tailored CPD support and communications coaching, with three weeks back in the classroom to put her advice into practice.

Now, with Simon having three years further experience of maths teaching to draw on, Clare observes him once again to see if he has made the leap from good to outstanding. Will he meet the challenge?


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Extra materials (6)

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A worksheet resource accompanying Simon's lesson on reflection

The evaluation schedule sets out the judgements that inspectors will make and report on from September 2009

A detailed lesson plan for Simon's first lesson on reflection of objects

A detailed lesson plan for Simon's observed lesson on tessellation of shapes

Slides presented to an inspection conference outlining inspection changes and rationale

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