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Special Schools - Imagination on the Autistic Spectrum

  Screen capture from Special Schools - Imagination on the Autistic Spectrum


At Rosehill Special School in Nottingham, pupils have developed levels of creative and imaginative skills not often associated with those on the autistic spectrum, and a Creative Partnership allows students to work on a variety of arts projects.

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A converted classroom forms an open art space where students explore imaginative activity in dance, painting and model-making. The school is one of the few state schools catering specifically for primary and secondary pupils on the autistic spectrum.

Kayleigh, a former student, reveals how lessons in digital photography, with teaching assistant Maggie Saunders, helped her realise her dream of gaining a place to study photography at college. We also see how each morning, deputy head Andy Sloan encourages pupils to rev up by running in the hall, in what he calls the "brain gym".


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