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Succeeding Against the Odds - Robert Clack School

Part of the series School Improvement

  Screen capture from Succeeding Against the Odds - Robert Clack School


A headteacher outlines the steps he took to transform a failing secondary into an outstanding school, in this video for school leaders and headteachers.

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When Sir Paul Grant took over as headteacher of Robert Clack Secondary School in 1997, behaviour and attendance were poor, and gangs and bullying were part of everyday school life. Only 16 per cent of pupils managed to get 5 A-C grades at GCSE.

Sir Paul focuses on three areas; high standards of behaviour, quality teaching, and leadership at all levels, and how each has contributed to the school's success.

Through these strategies the school has been transformed and it is now an outstanding school. In recent years around 80 per cent of students have got 5 A- Cs grades at GCSE, around 50 per cent including English and maths.


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