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Succeeding Against the Odds - Rushey Mead School

Part of the series School Improvement

  Screen capture from Succeeding Against the Odds - Rushey Mead School


A secondary school rated as outstanding by Ofsted, despite being located in a deprived area, shares the strategies which it believes has lead to this success, in this video for school leaders.

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Rushey Mead Secondary School serves a mixed community in an economically deprived area of north Leicester.

The school believes shared leadership is one of the keys to its success. The school has two headteachers who share the same strong values and high expectations of their pupils and who have a common vision for the school.

There is shared leadership across the school with co-heads of department leading the mathematics, science and sports faculties.

The school believes the schemes it runs with student teachers and other professionals interested in education contribute to the outstanding teaching the school offers.

The school is also proud of helping encourage pupils to be socially responsible and runs its own charitable foundation 'The Rushey Mead Foundation' in India.


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