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Tackling Bullying

Part of the series Talking Point

  Screen capture from Tackling Bullying


This episode of Talking Point brings a group of teachers together to discuss whether schools are really doing enough to tackle bullying.

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Anti-Bullying Week highlighted the seriousness of the issue, with the Children's Commissioner Al Ainsley-Green labelling bullying "an epidemic" in our society. Presenter Sheena McDonald asks the panel whether they agree with this observation and how schools can effectively deal with the problem.

Cheryl Armitage investigates whether bullying has, in fact, become worse, pressing Al Ainsley-Green on his comments and interviewing schools minister Jacqui Smith, who recently warned that troublemakers "will not be tolerated."

Our panel discussion includes a variety of views from:

  • Yasmine Allen, who shares her experience as a parent of a bullied child and tells of her frustration with how schools are handling the issue
  • Assistant headteacher Bernadette Dellar, who defends the teaching profession's efforts in tackling bullying and encourages the no-blame approach used in her own school
  • Headteacher Terry Creissen, who agrees with current measures implemented by the government
  • Learning mentor Lawrence Archibald, who works at a Pupil Referral Unit, also shares his experiences. He has worked with children who have been excluded for bullying other pupils

The panel engages in a lively discussion on the issues involved and what might be done to tackle bullying. But can they agree on the best way to deal with bullying in schools?


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