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TAs with Talent - The Winner - Jane Brown

  Screen capture from TAs with Talent - The Winner - Jane Brown


TAs with Talent winner Jane Brown shows the work she does with SEN pupils of all ages, focusing on encouraging communication skills and confidence.

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Jane, a HLTA at the Elms Special School on Merseyside and an expert in communication, shows how she works with pupils from nursery age up to 19, many of who have Down's syndrome. Her philosophy is simple; communication is the basis for all learning.

With pre-verbal children she focuses one on one, using physical contact and symbols to encourage a response. Older students speak and sign in lively group sessions she's designed to improve their confidence and conversation

Jane also works with the school choir, teaching the student of all abilities the signs to their favourite songs, and leads the training of TAs, teachers and parents in Makaton, a simplified sign language.

In February 2010, the Teachers TV audience voted Jane Brown the most talented TA in the UK.


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