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A Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 case study of a science lesson on a healthy diet, involving role play, with education expert Matthew Tosh drawing out the key features.

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The lesson is based around a video of a fictional TV news report, which encourages pupils to think about the science linking health and diet.

Chemistry teacher, Louie Gomez, at Woodkirk High School, Wakefield, uses the role play with a group of Year 8 students, using the Junk Food Science resources provided.

The secondary students watch the TV Junk Food Science News Report classroom video in which a proposed ban is announced on the consumption of certain foods by under 16s, such as burgers, chips, fizzy drinks and most types of pizza.

Louie organises the students into two concentric circles and begins the role play where students put forward arguments for and against the proposed ban based on contributions made in the video.

This role play offers a chance for students to develop and refine arguments and encourages them to speak confidently and concisely about diet and health.


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