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Why young people end up as NEET - Not in Education, Employment or Training - and what can be done to reduce their number, is the focus of this whole-school video on Every Child Matters for secondary headteachers and teachers.

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The number of NEETs was estimated at 200,000 in 2008. Here, three young NEETs who left school at 16 talk about their experiences of flitting between college courses and short-term employment, as they discuss whether they feel they have a direction in life.

However, Quintin Kynaston School in north-west London has developed a programme to prevent Year 10 and 11 girls from becoming disengaged and dropping out, which are the first steps to becoming NEET.

This video looks at whether early intervention models like this are the key to reducing the scale of the NEET problem.


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    • Teenage Dropouts
      11 August 2008 - 08:42

      It's a drama to have youngsters with no objectives for their lives, that have so low esteeem and give up so easily. Schools need to have specialized staff to address this issue, with the involvement of teachers and parents, once these pupils at risk are identified. It's better to put the resources on prevention, on the educational system, than to put resources on criminal and jail systems with terrible consequences for families and society. These are costs that should be avoided. On this video, I think that one part of the responsibility and of the solution is missing - the parents.

    • chrisg0ufp chrisg0ufp


      10 August 2008 - 20:24

      Superb, now how do we get the message across to all those in FE college's that the teenagers want to succeed but have no idea how to ask for help.

      Do not expect gratitude or thanks as teenagers see it as our job to help them and resentment builds up when they do not get the help they want, if only they would ask for it in the first place.

      We are told chalk and talk is not the way forward but I question that theory so I am going to base my MA on 'Learners percieved preferred leaning method' and see what the result I get.

      Having taught many so called (the labels on before they have had a chance) difficult to reach teenagers I can honestly say they have all been a joy to meet and a pleasure to the help them on their way in a difficult world.

      Regards to all


    • Teenage dropouts
      29 July 2008 - 02:45

      Great video!It's really a serious problem that more and more young people drop out of school before they finish their middle school education because of some reasons.What a shame to see some young people wandering around without any purpose.As a teacher,we each should take measures to help them before they make wrong decisions.Quintin Kynaston School did a great job in the video and set a good example for us.I think this issue is worthy to be studied further in our teaching experience.
      Great video!Thanks for sharing!