The 48 Hour Inspection

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From September 2005, all future Ofsted inspections will be radically different. This programme looks at a pilot for the new inspections which took place at Ladybarn Primary School in Manchester last year. The new inspections are shorter and more focused, lasting just two days. Inspectors give schools only 48 hours' notice.

The inspector who carried out the pilot, Clive Kempton, returns to Manchester to see what the school made of the experience. He talks to the head, Lisa Vyas, her colleagues, parents and pupils. All welcome the new system as they feel it gives a more accurate reflection of what the school is like. Pupils particularly liked the fact that the inspectors wrote a letter to them, giving their verdict.

Central to the new inspections is the self-evaluation form, which the inspectors use to determine which areas of school life to focus on. There's very little classroom observation, but just enough to determine whether the school's own assessments are accurate.

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    • Shez Shez


      A really interesting
      28 September 2005 - 15:21

      A really interesting programme, particularly as I am a Head waiting for the phone call. It was interesting to see how the balance of investigation has shifted. Some of the comments about innovation and emotional intelligence were interesting as it showed that the judgement very much depended on the single knowledge, understanding and experience of the inspector when considering the innovative area. I will suggest that all the school staff watch this programme. I would like to have seen more about support staff, governors and all the other essential members of the school community, this could turn into a well watched series!

    • Louise N Louise N


      48 hr inspection
      15 September 2005 - 07:29

      I think it was interesting to see what the new process is like for a school.  I think it might help allay teachers fears, but was more use for Leadership Teams as it demonstrated the focus and rigour of the inspections and made it a little clearer as to what they want to see on our SEF. 

      What about weaker schools, though?  The inspector said he COULD write the letter to pupils about schools with weaknesses but I would like to have seen a sample of what that letter might say.  Not all schools are in Ladybarn's comfortable position.