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The Inspector Calls

Part of the series Get Physical (Primary)

  Screen capture from The Inspector Calls


In February 2006, John Hellins Primary School near Towcester achieved an outstanding rating by Ofsted following a PE subject inspection.

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In this programme, Ofsted inspector Howard Todd returns to the school to explain what it was about John Hellins that impressed him so much.

PE co-ordinator David Tebbutt is observed teaching gymnastics. The objectives of the lesson are clearly set out and David shows how he applies in-depth professional knowledge to his teaching.

Swimming lessons are of an equally high quality, with the class differentiated into four ability groups.

Outside the curriculum, the school has a broad range of playtime and after-hours activities, ensuring that the government's 2-plus-2-hour target is easily met.

Finally, there is an effective professional development programme to support teachers in activities such as dance.


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