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The Minty Cola Fountain

Part of the series Demonstrating Chemistry

This video contains a chemistry experiment that should only be repeated under the supervision of a qualified teacher and should be watched in full before showing to students
  Screen capture from The Minty Cola Fountain


Using just a bottle of fizzy cola and a packet of mints, Professor Hal Sosabowski demonstrates a dramatic, messy experiment for use in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 chemistry lessons, showing carbon dioxide coming out of solution at immense speed.

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Cola or any carbonated drink is a mixture of chemicals, one of which is dissolved carbon dioxide gas. When sparkling cola is made, the carbon dioxide is forced into solution under pressure and the bottle is sealed.

The resulting eruption when mints are added to cola shows how nucleation sites can cause a reaction to occur spontaneously.

Professor Hal Sosabowski is a committed chemistry educator who shows how to safely recreate his inspirational demonstrations, which are both educational and spectacular.


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