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The Road Ahead

Part of the series Staffroom Monologues

  Screen capture from The Road Ahead


In The Road Ahead, written by headteacher Oliver Blond, Gillian Bevan movingly portrays a teacher who blows £30,000 on a new car.

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The monologue unfolds to find her reasons for the out-of-character decision, looking at her personal and professional relationships along the way.

Staffroom Monologues is a series of four short films, each scripted by a winner of an online Teachers TV competition looking for monologues by people working in the education sector. The scripts were edited by Tony Marchant and directed by Jean Stewart.


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    • Following the success of
      18 February 2008 - 16:58

      Following the success of Staffroom Monologues 2007, Teachers TV are delighted to announce its back again this year. In association with the National Union of Teachers we are looking to find the best screenwriters of the staffroom.

      This year's Writer Judge will be Ashley Pharoah the British television writer, co-creator of the successful drama series Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes..

      To enter, budding script writers that work in education (paid or voluntary) are asked to submit a single character fictional monologue of between 800 and 1,000 words by 25 March 2008 on any aspect of school life from the perspective of someone who works in a school. For help and inspiration and to enter please visit www.teachers.tv/monologues
      Helen Mussard, Community Marketing Executive