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The Scary Guy Does Parents

  Screen capture from The Scary Guy Does Parents


Anti-bullying and behaviour expert The Scary Guy talks to parents about how to spot the signs of bullying, and the strategies parents can use to support their children through it.

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Heavily tattooed, and with multiple piercings, The Scary Guy uses his own appearance as a tool for tackling bullying.

Here, he stresses the importance of parents making time to listen to their child. On a visit to Macclesfield High School, he meets Nathan, a student who has been bullied in the past.

After a one-to-one session, where he hears what Nathan went though, they go back to Nathan's house to talk to his parents about how they supported Nathan through his ordeal.

During the session, it's revealed that the bullying started earlier than they thought, and Scary explains this is often the case - bullied children don't talk for fear of escalating the situation. Scary then offers the parents strategies to enable them to talk more openly with their children, and to deal with any future bullying.


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    • School
      30 July 2009 - 11:17

      This is a brilliant man!
      He came to our school and informed us about what is going on and how we should confront it, and NOT to ignore it. Which is what most people probably do.

      It takes a lot of guts to go out in public and put yourself out to help people and using a name that originated from hurt, (Scart Guy) - I believe it was an excellent thing to do, changing the offensive name into one that has been recognised to help many people over the world.

      Keep it up mate!

      James A. Edwards

    • Absolutely amazing
      29 July 2009 - 00:27

      Why oh Why do we do this as parents? It is a common issue that children get picked on. I was there once myself and now as a parent I have become my parents!!! We need to grab the bull by the horns and no longer give the "ignore it" stance. That is so easy to do. It is tragic. My son constantly complains that he is being picked on. We as parents expect the school to supervise this, and yet in most cases, sadly, they do not. This should be addressed by us and with the help of people like the Scary Guy and VisionHeart hopefully one day make this a thing of the past. Here's with our fingers crossed eh!

    • Scary Guy and the Vision Heart Message
      29 July 2009 - 00:27

      I have know Scary Guy since my children were in primary school. We have been in and out of each other's lives since then. Last year he worked with me on several hemophilia support chapter programs. I have witnessed him in the schools while he works his magic. I have had dinner with Scary and Cathryn multiple times and love to watch the public around us. He is a gift, his message is a beacon, and he has changed my life. I can only say I have witnessed in person what he can do with hundreds, ten, or one. If you want more well adjusted children, adults, and just better human beings please consider Scary Guy and Vision Heart.

    • Cathryn Cathryn


      Bringing Together Child, Parent and School
      8 June 2009 - 16:28

      Today, violence is an increasing and pervasive form of communication. It is widespread and prevalent in our everyday lives.

      The need for an education programme that equips child, parent and school with equal understanding of effective strategies for dealing with negative energy (such as name-calling, put-downs, verbal aggression and bullying) has never been greater.

      Scary provides all three parties with real tangible skills that enable them to operate consistently together to resolve conflict and struggle without becoming negative, hurt or distanced in the process.

      Scary - Your programmes are unique and powerful!