The Shard - A Look at Tall Buildings

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A Key Stage 2 maths resource and lesson plan on averages following the building progress of The Shard in London Bridge.

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The Shard is already Britain's tallest building, when finished it will be 306 metres tall, making it the tallest building in Europe.

The tower has outgrown Canary Wharf's One Canada Square, and will be an important 21st century landmark, incorporating offices, apartments, a luxury hotel, galleries and restaurants.

This primary classroom resource is designed for Year 3 and Year 4 maths lessons. It can be used as part of the accompanying lesson plan, created for Teachers TV, which includes activities and extension tasks based on this topic.


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The Shard London Bridge is already Britain's tallest building and it's not finished yet. Use this classroom resource with Key Stage 2 maths pupils to teach them about averages

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