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Under Siege

Part of the series Two Schools in Nablus

This programme contains sensitive content including images of conflict, teachers are advised to watch in full before using in classrooms.
  Screen capture from Under Siege


In this final episode, we see how events occuring outside of the two West Bank schools can have a huge impact on the lives of both teachers and pupils.

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One month into an already stressful term and the two schools, King Talal boys' school and Hajja Rushda girls' school, are having to deal with the day-to-day realities of living under an occupation while attempting to teach and learn.

A raid by the Israeli army on a nearby refugee camp brings chaos to the schools as well as tragedy for one of the students.

This series has been filmed exclusively from one perspective. You might be interested in two other programmes, Little Peace of Mine and Inspirations - Oasis of Peace, that explore how education is being used to build bridges between the Israelis and Palestinians.


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    • One Sided
      1 March 2011 - 08:43

      This video is excellent in that it shows the suffering of Palestinian people. Nonetheless, it is far too one sided. Surely we want our pupils to become rounded individuals and as such they ought to understand the Israeli and Palestinian viewpoint. Furthermore, the one sided arguments were not coming from the people in the video but the narrator and music which presented a one sided completely biased viewpoint towards Israel.

      Let's face it, if your homeland was to be bombed continuosly, then surely you will retaliate. I have seen both sides for myself and this is exactly what Israel has done - it's using its power to protect its people! Having said that, there is no side, Israeli or Hammas (notice how I do not say Palestinian) that is completely innocent!


    • Nablus
      25 April 2008 - 21:18

      I agree that without education we have nothing, anywhere, except the perpetuation of family and cultural prejudice. My aim, hope and prayer is that every child in the whole world be educated in openness, respect and understanding of the vast similarity and difference for every human in what it is to be a valuable human being. There are faults in every system, but we have to know how to live for the truth. May all of our teachers, throughout the whole world, in Palestine, Israel, Europe and everywhere, endeavor towards that dream and an end to political conflict.