Victims of Violent Crime

Part of the series The Knife Crime Culture

  Screen capture from Victims of Violent Crime


This video, for use with KS3 and KS4 citizenship and PSHE pupils, examines whether knife crime is on the increase, and attempts to profile those who are responsible.

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The statistics on knife crime are unclear. The British Crime Survey says knife-enabled crime has remained stable over the last decade at six to seven per cent of all crime, but this does not include crimes against people under 16. However, another survey says knife crime is at its highest level for 30 years.

Figures show that knife crime is more common in large cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester than it is in rural areas.

Reasons given for why someone might get involved in knife crime include socio-cultural background, unemployment levels, violence in films and computer games, peer pressure, and the media glamorising knife crime.


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